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DVD: Rings of Beauty Workshop
This is a great DVD if you want to make beautiful wire rings!
The running time is approximately two and a half hours,
and includes 15 chapters with a
fully interactive menu, plus resources.

Chapters include:
A personal welcome
Tools and materials
Safely reaming beads & pearls
A foundational technique: "Big Twist" rings
An ancient design: Tibetan rings
Wraparound-bead rings made with pearls
How to make the "Bead on a Wire" ring
Easy-to make overhand knot rings
How to make tiny toe rings
"Swirly-Girly" rings made with beads
Nautilus rings: beautiful coiled wire in copper or silver
Resizing your finished wire rings
Artificially aging rings with liver of sulfur
Tumble-polishing your finished rings

Bonus: Resources with Web links to some of my
favorite suppliers of wire, tools, and beads
To order Rings of Beauty Workshop
with Sharilyn Miller for just $29.95, click:
Rings of Beauty DVD
Rave Reviews:
"You have the best videos for jewelry making on the Internet,"
says Pat Everett, president of
"I can hardly wait to see your next one."

"Please, please, please don't stop making your videos!" says Malana Watt Corn.
"Oh my gosh, it's so clear and helpful.
And watching it is like revisiting your wonderfully personal classes.
Every nuance of technique and detail are beautifully covered.
Though I've been making jewelry for many years,
I don't know how I managed without this delightful resource.
Thanks a million! Great job!"

"The DVD was like having a private class with you," says Gina Houlditch.
"I loved it. I have taken a lot of your classes,
and this was great because I could actually see your fingers
make the moves with the wire and the tools.
I found the instructions clear and easy to follow.
I also particulary like how you repeated important points
(like making sure the wire is flush with the pliers
when making loops so the end of the wire isn't distorted)
so they become a habit. That is a nice way to make sure
students develop good habits without preaching.
I think anyone could pick up this DVD
and be able to develop great jewelry making skills."
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