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Wire & Metal Art Jewelry
DVD: Tribal Treasures
Bracelet Workshop
This is the Wire-Art Jewelry Tutorial you've been looking for!
A fabulous full-day workshop condensed into one 150-minute DVD,
Tribal Treasures will quickly take you through all the basic-
through-intermediate techniques you need to make beautiful, durable
wire-art jewelry.

Chapters include:
• Introduction
• Tools and materials
• Cleaning and polishing wire
• Measuring and cutting wire accurately
• Basic forging (hammering) techniques
• How to make beautiful spiral dangles
• Two different ways to make jump rings
• How to make simple eye-pin loops
• Making single-wrapped eye-pin loops
• Making double-wrapped eye-pin loops
• How to make bead dangles on headpins
• Make your own shepherd's hook earrings
• How to make a practical hook & eye clasp
• Caged beads, and how to make them
• Coiling wire to make beautiful bead wraps
• Assembling your Tribal Treasures bracelet
• Artificially aging jewelry with liver of sulfur
• Polishing jewelry in a tumbler
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Tribal Treasures DVD
Rave Reviews
"Miller delivers more than she promised,"
says Nina Graci in her review
in Step by Step Wire Jewelry.
" just doesn't get any better than this."

Many thanks to Tammy Powley
for posting a very positive review on her site:
"Sharilyn has now joined the high-tech age
and is focusing her attention on digital media
through a number of DVD workshops," says Tammy.
"This is great news if you can't take one of her classes in person.
I had the opportunity to view her Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop DVD,
and not surprisingly, it delivers in typical Sharilyn fashion.
While the DVD focuses on making a bracelet,
it actually covers a lot more than one bracelet project."

"Sharilyn Miller has hit the target - full on bullseye - with her new DVD,
Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop," says Sally Turlington on her blog.
"It is so much more than just a workshop for making one bracelet."

More Reviews:
"I just received the Tribal Treasures DVD, thank you!
It's the best instructional video I have ever bought!
(I'm 55, and have bought a lot of videos.)
I wish more instructional videos were filmed this way.
It is pure, hands-on clear instructions.
Earlier I had bought your book, Bead on a Wire.
It complements Tribal Treasures.
Bead on a Wire has very clear, excellent instructions,
and a whole lot more. Unfortunately I have become a beadaholic.
You are an A+++++++++++++ teacher.
Thank You Again."
—Jeanette McGill
Eugene, Oregon

"Just watched the DVD and it is fabulous!
Very well thought out and each step is so clearly explained.
After watching this, ANYONE could pick up wire
and make one of these beautiful bracelets
or use the techniques to enhance any design.
Thank you so much!"
—Jean Hickok
El Paso, Illinois

"I just finished watching your FABULOUS DVD ... wow!!
It's almost better than a workshop because
I can watch it over and over if I need to.
I'm not good at taking notes in a workshop
and listening and watching all at the same time,
so being able to look at how you did something
whenever I can't quite remember a specific step is really important to me.
It's a perfect companion to your book, Bead on a Wire.
I've learned a LOT from your book,
but it's amazing how just a simple movement of a tool
or placement of the wire can make a huge difference
when you can actually WATCH the steps being done.
Your instructions just couldn't be better!!
I can't wait until your next DVD comes out!!!
I'll definitely do my part in getting the word out about this one!"
—Melody Hanson
Bismarck, North Dakota
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